Sunday, 29 June 2008

Thank you!

Hello everybody: students, colleagues and friends,

The school year is over and now I want to evaluate the results. I don't know if I will be with you the next year again, but anyway I would like to thank you for many things.

It has been a hard but wonderful year and you have contributed to make it so special.

My dear students, thanks for your attention in class, for your behaviour, for the support you gave me when I was feeling down after my accident. Thank you, my colleagues and friends, for those experiences and coffees you have shared with me this year, and for being always there when I needed it.

In short, thank you all for making me want to be a better person and teacher.

Have a nice summer!!!


Clara y Cristina said...

Oooooh! Marisa thank you very much, you know that all that has happened because that merecias, beside having been our tutor you were like our friend and you we have very much ours fondness, in addition you behaved yourself very well with everybody.
I hope that the year that comes you is OK though you do not avenge to Paterna. Kisses. Good summer!!

Marisa García said...

Thank you, Clara, it has been a pleasure being your tutor. I am really proud of you. If I am not in Paterna next year, I will miss you a lot. Have a really nice summer!!!


maka said...

gracias a ti tambien marisa por ser tan buena maestra y sobre todo por ser tan buena persona!!! ke sepas k aki tendras siempre a una amiga para todo!!! MUXOS BESOS!!

Marisa García said...

Thanks Maka. You know that I appreciate all of you a lot and that I would like to be in Paterna next year. Have a really nice summer and I hope to see you soon again! You also have a friend here!
Lots of love,