Sunday, 25 April 2010

Eurovision Song Contest Oslo 2010

Here we are again devoting a blog post to the Eurovision Song Contest. This year it takes place in Oslo, Norway. There are two previous semi-finals on Tuesday, 25th May and on Thursday, 27th May and the final, which will be held on Saturday, 29th May at 21.00 CET.
If you want to know the 39 participants to this edition of the festival, you can click on this link.
The singer who will represent Spain in Oslo is Daniel Diges with the song "Algo pequeñito" (Something Tiny).

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Earth Day 2010, April 22

It is our duty as citizens of this world to take care of the Earth. And we have to do it every day. Here you are some things you can do to preserve the planet:

1. Do not pollute: keep your cities, beaches, rivers, ... clean.
2. Recycle cans, bottles and paper.

3. Help keep the air clean. Ride bikes or walk instead of using motorized vehicles.
4. Save paper.
5. Do not waste water.
6. Save energy.
7. Leave wasted batteries in the special containers.
8. Remember the 3 R rule: Recycle, Reduce and Reuse.
9. Respect animals.
10. Love and appreciate the environment that surrounds you.

And now it's time to listen to an incredible song by the king of pop, Michael Jackson. "Earth song" is part of his huge legacy and it shows how concerned he was about the environmental problems that affect the entire world.