Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Gomaespuminglish IV

Gomaespuminglish Lechón 4


Isabel Silva said...
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Isabel Silva said...

Very funny lesson.
Have a nice weekend.

Remedios Escobar said...

Hello Marisa, We are Manuel, Fátima and Remes. It´s the first time that we are trying write to you in English.
This website is wonderful and you have a lot of visitors. We hope that there aren´t many mistakes.

A lot of kisses.

Marisa García said...

Thank you Manuel, Fátima and Remes! What a lovely surprise! It is very well written, so it has been a good try! Your sites are fantastic too, we are blog and web teachers!!!

I miss you very much. A big hug.

Clara y Cristina said...

Hi Marisa!the examination was very difficult but I did well!because of it I dont understand my suspense ;( but you dont worry that this examination I am going to approve it and thank you very much for make one recovery!!
Many kisses and we want that you return before end of course because we want look and we very much of less!

Marisa García said...

Clara, you won't have any problem to pass English, but I want you to improve your mark, because in the first and second terms you had 7, and now, you would only have 5, so I prefer you to repeat the test, so study and very good luck. I will return to see you all because I miss you all a lot.


Marisa García said...

Thanks, Isabel. Gomaespuminglish lessons are really funny. They show them on TV here in Spain.

Of course I warn my students not to take those lessons too seriously... that they are just for fun!

Have a nice weekend too!

Marisa García said...

This is for 3C: those students who did not pass the irregular verbs test, can do the exam on Tuesday too, but, you will have an extra question on irregular verbs, ok?

If you do not understand this, please ask me.

Clara y Cristina said...

Vale Marisa, yo el lunes le diré a los que tengan suspendidos los verbos que pueden hacer el examen y que también le pondrás los verbos irregulares otra vez no?
Bueno siento no escribirte en inglés porque no sé escribirte todo esto en inglés, bueno esperamos que vuelvas pronto que te echamos de menos.
¡¡Mejórate y ven ya que se va a acabar el curso ya!! ja,ja.
Besos de Cristina.

Clara y Cristina said...

Ok marisa, we will say tomorrow because I not know who to suspense,Bye. Kisses, Clara.

Marisa García said...

Thanks Cristina and Clara, don't forget to do it, please. But tell them that only if they have studied irregular verbs, they can do the test!!!

Todos somos iguales said...

Hola,Marisa somos Rocío y Mariana esperamos que vuelvas pronto, lo sentimos no poder escribirte en ingles pero es que no sabemos como escribirtelo .

Marisa García said...

Hi Rocío and Mariana, how are you? I will see you soon. Thanks for your comment.