Friday, 16 May 2008


This is Oxford, a famous city in England. If you do the following exercises, you will find more information about this wonderful city.


Isabel Silva said...

As an English teacher,as well, I considered this post and your Blog very attractive and informative. I have a Blog:
I teach in Braga, Portugal. Once again, congratulations!

Marisa García said...

Thanks for your comment, Isabel. I'm glad to talk to colleagues from different parts of the world. I have visited your blog and it is really helpful and interesting. I don't know what I cannot see it at home, but I have seen it at school and it's great. I am going to include a link to it in my blog.
Congratulations, too.

Mary said...

Hello teacher!
We are Ángela and Mª Carmen your blog seems us very interesting and is an ideal place so that study are mas fun and entertained. Your blog likes us a lot. ``It FOLLOWS LIKE THIS´´