Sunday, 18 May 2008

2008 UEFA Champions League Final: Manchester United versus Chelsea

Calling all football fans! It's time to get ready to watch the UEFA Champions League Final taking place in Moscow, Russia, on 21st May at the impressive Luzhniki Stadium, which once hosted the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

The Champions League is the most important and the most prestigious European football cup arresting millions of football fans to their TV screens and drawing thousands of supporters at the stadiums. Scores of clubs from 53 UEFA associations fight for the right to play in the Champions League, but only 32 teams reach the main stage. It's a seasonal tournament - it starts in the end of summer and ends in the end of spring.

The 2007–08 UEFA Champions League is the 16th season of UEFA's premier European club football tournament, the UEFA Champions League, since it was rebranded in 1992, and the 53rd tournament overall. The Final will be played on 21st May 2008 and, unlike the other knockout rounds, it is played in only one match with extra time in case of a draw after 90 minutes. If the teams are still level following the extra time, a penalty shoot-out will determine the winner. For the first time in the history of the European Cup, the final will feature two teams from England: Manchester United will play against Chelsea, making it an all-English club final.

UEFA made football history when they announced earlier on in the year that they plan to hold club football's most prestigious event in Moscow, the furthest East the cup final has ever been played. What a chance then for Moscow and Russia to showcase not just the two best teams of 2008 playing for glory, but also this vast and beautiful metropolis we know as Moscow.

Enjoy the match and may the best one win!


Gonzalo González said...

Marisa, you`re a football fun totally!!!

See you!!

Marisa García said...

Yes, I am! I must recognize it. Sorry I cannot see your blog in my computer, so I can't leave comments on it. By the way, any suggestions about an English-speaking painter or artist? I want to devote some posts to Art.

See you!