Thursday, 22 May 2008

MANCHESTER UNITED'S heroes are returning home in glory today

Alex Ferguson's Double winners are set to touch down after winning the European Cup in Moscow last night.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Co are basking in the spotlight after their epic victory over arch rivals Chelsea in the Champions League final.

United edged the Blues in a dramatic penalty shoot-out 6-5, leaving skipper John Terry and his players to fly back empty-handed into Gatwick today.

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bea y maricarmen 4ºB said...

hola Marisa! Que nos hemos enterado de lo que te a pasado, esperamos que estes bien y que no haya sido nada solo un susto, que aunque seamos sus alumnas tambien nos preocupamos de ti. Cuidate! 1 besito.

Gonzalo González said...

Go Marisa!

You can see in my blog something about eurovision and art...

A lot of kisses!

Marisa García said...

Muchas gracias mis niñas, muchas gracias Gonzalo. A vosotros y a todos los que estáis conmigo en estos momentos tan duros. No sabéis lo importante que es para mí vuestro apoyo.

Voy a hacer una excepción y voy a escribiros en castellano. Afortunadamente estoy viva, ha sido un gran susto, pero dentro de lo que cabe estoy bien.

Un abrazo muy fuerte.

lourdes 4ºC said...

Hola que tal estas? Estabamos en Isla Magica y nos enteramos de lo que te habia pasado. Espero que estes bien y que tengas mas cuidado con el coche. Yo tambien haré una excepción y te escribiré en castellano jejeje¡¡¡

Mañana nos vemos


Isabel Silva said...

Hello, again!
Great victory of this fantastic team.
Have you seen the match?
I have read the comments of your friends, but I don't know what happened. Anyway, I hope you are Okay!

Marisa García said...

Thanks a lot, everybody!
Thank you Lourdes, I promise I'll take more care from now on.

It was a terrible accident, Isabel, but luckily I am ok, I am alive, and that's the most important thing. Every part of my body hurts, but this will disappear soon.
And yes, I saw the match, I am a football lover!

Thanks again. I love you all.


miguel angel 4º B said...

Marisa como estas,nos han contado los maestros de lo que te ha pasado.Esperamos maricarmen y yo que estes bien y que recuperes pronto.

Besos wapa

Ahhhhh!!!Y que apruebes las oposiciones

Te deseamos suerte

Angela y Zayra said...

Hello Marisa!
We are Angela and Zayra hope that you become better,very prompt in order that you could return to give us lessons. Many kisses on behalf of Angela and Zayra.

Marisa García said...

I'm feeling better, although I still have pain all over my body. I hope I get well soon to see you all. And don't forget to study for your English tests, any doubt or problem, write here and ask, ok?

Thanks once again.