Saturday, 16 January 2010


Plagiarism: the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work. (Definition provided by
Plagiarism is the act of presenting other people's work or ideas as your own. Sadly, this is very common nowadays, because of the bad use that some people make of the Internet. Many people take other people's writings and simply "copy and paste", without making reference to the source. When I create a post in my blog and use other people's information, I write the source and add a link to his or her site.
Recently, I have found that one person keeps on copying and pasting from my blog to hers, but not only from my blog, from many others as well. This shows that she lacks originality and is unable to create anything on her own. I wrote a comment on her blog and asked her not to copy and paste without making reference to the source, and she not only did NOT answer, but she deleted it and eliminated from her blog the possibility of writing comments!!! I encourage people not to act like that, to accept advice and try to improve from their mistakes. In blogger, you can report this kind of behaviour.


Amparito said...

This is very, very, very strooooong!=O=O This deserves a report!This is completely forbidden!!!!!!!!!!!I think that you, Marisa, should report to the person that has copied the information of your blog!

Kisses, Marizabel!=D

Rosa Luz Rivas said...

I know it's very difficult nowadays to be original, but what dignifies a person is the assumption of one's limits and the acknowledgement of geniality on other fellows. That enriches humankind. Let's see what's next. Anyway, I like the article.Great job!

Rosa Luz Rivas said...
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Marisa García said...

Hello Amparito and Rosa, thanks for your comments. I am a bit disappointed by this situation and some people's behaviour. Apart from the law, which punishes this kind of behaviour, there is an ethical code (written or unwritten) which goes beyond law as regards blogging and bloggers, and writing and writers in general. Everybody should behave according to this code. As you say, Rosa, this enriches humankind. Let's see what's next! She didn't even apologize, so I guess what's next.

Lots of love,