Friday, 15 January 2010

Aid for Haiti quake relief

I am still shocked after seeing the terrible images of the effects of the earthquake in Haiti, which is said to be the most devastating in 200 years. Fortunately, if this word can be used in a situation like this, the response of the different institutions and organizations all over the world is being focused and swift. Organizations are requesting monetary donations; agencies have set up phone lines, Web pages and texting for donations, which will go toward medical and basic supplies.

"...We are trying to save as many lives as possible. A major
humanitarian effort is now well underway... the international community’s response has been generous and robust, and we are gearing up rapidly and effectively despite the challenging circumstances."

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in remarks to the press in New York, 15 Jan. '10

My thoughts are with the people and families of Haiti, and I really hope governments all over the world contribute to alleviate their suffering. Every little bit helps.

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