Sunday, 3 May 2009

Eurovision Song Contest Moscow 2009

In two weeks time, the Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Moscow. I am keen on this festival and I really like listening to the songs from the different countries.
Since 2008, the Eurovision Song Contest consists of three live shows, aired prime-time to millions of homes across Europe. During two Semi-Finals, viewers and juries across Europe determine which countries will be represented in the Final.

The first Semi-Final will take place on Tuesday, 12th of May, 21:00 CET.
18 countries will be represented in the first Semi-Final; Andorra, Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Iceland, Israel, FYR Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

The second Semi-Final will be held on Thursday, 14th of May, 21:00 CET.
19 countries will be represented in the second Semi-Final; Albania, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

The Final is scheduled for Saturday, 16th of May, 21:00 CET.
Artists from 25 of the 42 represented countries will compete in the Final of the 2009Eurovision Song Contest. From each Semi-Final, 10 countries will qualify. France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and host country Russia are automatically qualified to take part in the Final.

The Spanish participant is Soraya, this is her song:

In the following preview video player, you can watch and listen to all the songs taking part in the contest:
Eurovision Song Contest - Moscow 2009 Preview Player


Gonzalo González said...

As you know, I love the Eurovision Song Contest. But I don´t like the spanish song. My favourite song this year is Israel, with the great Noa.

I`m sure that you will love the songs from Turkey and Azerbaijan!

See you!

Marisa García said...

Hi Gonzalo! You are right, Noa's song is fantastic. Turkey and Azerbaijan's songs are nice, I also like Iceland,Poland and UK's ballads. Switzerland's song reminds me of Pet Shop Boys, I like it too.