Sunday, 27 April 2008

Travelling by plane

Do you like travelling? Have you ever travelled by plane? Did you enjoy it or was it a bad experience? Recently, the cost of flying has dropped and consequently, the number of people using air travel has increased. Airports are becoming more crowded, check-in queues are getting longer and there are more flight delays. However, flying is the fastest means of transport and it is statistically the safest way to travel. So, get relaxed and enjoy your flight!!!

The Travel Doctor: a very useful site that provides information for travelling safely.

Now, try and do these listening activities on "travelling by plane".

Exercise 1: Pre-listening vocabulary: Match up the expressions.
Exercise 2: Click on the words you hear.
Exercise 3: Complete the text and listen to check your answers.
Exercise 4: Is it exactly what you hear?


Mari Carmen Salazar said...

Hello Marisa! I would love travelling around the world, but I don't leave of my village...XD. I would like to New York and Italy.

I see you tomorrow!


Marisa García said...

Hi Mari Carmen! I agree with you. In fact, travelling is one of my favourite hobbies.

See you tomorrow!


Mago del té said...

Marisa García... did you use to work as a flight attendant in the UK?

Marisa García said...

No, not really Allan, why do you ask? LOL

I just enjoy travelling!

Mago del té said...

I had a friend in the UK with your name and she was from Andalucía, of course she worked as a flight attendant =)

I enjoy travelling too ^^

Mago del té said...

Oh and by the way your blog is great! Is really helpful ^^

Marisa García said...

Thanks a lot for your comment, I'm glad you like my blog and find it helpful.

Well, there must be more than one Andalusian Marisa García, then. Anyway, nice to meet you, and I hope you keep on visiting my blog.

Kind regards,


tamara vizcaino said...

Hello teacher!! I love travelling, some day I'll give the turn to the world...Do you come with me?? we will spend it very good!! we will know a lot of people and I will speak many languages (sobre todo...)

I see you tomorrow at 3ª hour!!

many kisses

Marisa García said...

Hi Tamara! Yes, of course, I'll go!!! But if you promise to speak English! It would be great and we would enjoy very much.

See you tomorrow then.


Kaka_o_rei said...

I love travel but now i hate it because the only travel that i do is Malaga-San Pedro, San Pedro-Malaga and bus is very boooooooooooooooooooooooring ZzzzZZzzzzZZz, tomorrow i will be in san pedro.

Party!!!! oeee!!! jajaja


Marisa García said...

Hi Fran, soon you'll stop travelling from Malaga to San Pedro and vice versa... In two months time we will be enjoying our holidays!!!

Nice to hear from you.