Wednesday, 9 April 2008

American or British English?

There are many varieties of English around the world, but American and British English are undoubtedly the most widely spread. It is important for a student of English as a foreign language to know the main differences between both varieties given that an incorrect use of them can lead to misunderstanding.
You will notice the differences if you watch an American movie and a British film.
American versus British English: Vocabulary.
American versus British English: Exercise 1, Exercise 2, Exercise 3,


Begoña said...

I don't know what has happened with blogger but my own blog has the same title of yours, I've working on it since 9th September, and the only differencie is the exclamation mark at the end of the title. Please Iwould be very grateful if you change yours as I'm working in a TICs group and both could cause some misunderstanding.


Marisa García said...

I realised it a few weeks ago and I was really surprised. The thing is that I'm also working with ICTs and I have included this blog in different projects, so it is really difficult for me to change the name now. I'm really sorry about it, if I had known there was a blog with the same name, I wouldn't have used it. By the way, congratulations for your blog.

Kaka_o_rei said...

Mmm,Begoña,the title shouldn't be a problem, the "urls" of the two blogs are differents if you give to your people the correct url of your blog you shouldn't have any problem because you don't enter in any website by the title xD.

Maybe you could have any problem in google or another searcher for the title but you and the people that you want to see the blog can see the administrator and the info of the blog.

I saw your blog and it's very good too congratulations :P