Saturday, 5 April 2008

Good advertisement?

What do you think about this advertisement? Is it appealing? Will many people stop and buy at this shop? They should think about changing their marketing campaign, shoulnd't they?


Gonzalo González said...

Hello, Marisa, thanks for your add to fauvorites, you`re my blog inspiration, you known it. Sorry for my horrible english, I`ll try write another days.

Kaka_o_rei said...

[Irony Mode = ON]Yeah, very good publicity, everybody wants to pay the highest price for their items[Irony Mode = OFF]

Marisa García said...

Thank you both for your comments!!! [Laugh Mode = ON] I've got another good one, I'll post it soon!

Luis Alberto said...

Hello Marisa... how are you? Well, first to all, let me introduce me: I'm Alberto, surgery's student from Mexico, and I could find this site about english grammar, reading and vocabulary very useful... glad to meet you!
And about the image to respect, I think in this world the rule of offer and demand domains, and some corporations or malls use the "inverse psychology" with the object of increasing their influence and money, of course. It'll sound ridiculous the motto's expression for an ordinary costumer, but don't forget to exist dare people who don't have considerations in respect to effective, and they consume those products


Marisa García said...

Hi Alberto! I'm glad to meet you too. And thanks a lot for your comment. You are right when you mention those people that do not worry about money and the "inverse psychology" ads, but for an ordinary consumer they are quite shocking!! Well, it is really nice to receive a comment from Mexico. I hope you find the blog useful
and entertaining. Greetings.