Saturday, 14 November 2009

New Moon

The thousands of followers of the successful Twilight's saga are eager to see the premiere of the New Moon movie, the sequel to Twilight. The Release Date of New Moon is November 20, 2009, although in some countries, such as Spain, fans are luckier and will be able to see the film on November 18!!!

I am sure that most of the followers have already read Stephenie Meyer's New Moon, but although they know what happens in the film, they are looking forward to watching the film. The following counter tells you the remaining time for the official release date, November 20.


Galileus said...

In Perú, the release date is November 26, so the followers will have to wait a little more.

Greetings from Lima!


Marisa García said...

I didn't know it! I thought most of the countries had its release date on November 20. Well, in only five days followers from Peru will enjoy the film!!!

Thanks for your visit and comment, and greetings from Spain too!