Monday, 2 February 2009

Joaquín Sorolla, "Walk on the beach"

Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida (February 27, 1863 - August 10, 1923), was a Spanish painter, born in Valencia, who excelled in the painting of portraits, landscapes, and monumental works of social and historical themes. His most typical works are characterized by a dexterous representation of the people and landscape under the sunlight of his native land.
"Walk on the beach" is one of my favourite paintings and, although it has nothing to do with English, I wanted to have it here and share it with all of you. I hope you like it too!


Gonzalo González said...

Marisa, I Know tah you like Sorolla very much!

An impresionsit from Spain!

Sorry for my english "made in Gomaespuma"!

Marisa García said...

Thanks for your visit, Gonzalo. I love Sorolla, and especially this painting. Don't worry about your English, it is not that bad! By the way, we will visit Gibraltar in March.

Many kisses,

guardamanto said...
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guardamanto said...

Dear Marisa,
At last I´ve decided to use your blog to share comments(you know how much "technology challenged" I am- almost an hour learning how to use HTML tags-!!!!). I couldn´t resist the temptation just because of that very picture I looove it! I´m so fond of impressionists that I´d like to go on the schol trip to Paris with the sole purpose of visiting the d´Orsay Museum. Besides, I´ve always wanted to have a very big copy of "Walk on the Beach" at home. My moher and I even "made plans"once to teal and take it home. Jejejeje!
See you tomorrow!

guardamanto said...

So hungry that I "ate" the S in steal. Sorry. Bye!

Marisa García said...

LOL!!! I thought you were imitating our students accent (without the s)!!!

What a nice surprise! At first, I didn't know your identity but when I went on reading, I guessed.

I didn't know you liked this painting. We have another thing in common!!! I have always loved it, in fact, I went to Sorolla's museum in Madrid just to see it. I'm very fond of impressionism too.

See you tomorrow. Thanks a lot for your comment and I hope to see you around very often. Bye!!!