Friday, 22 August 2008

Terrible Plane Crash in Spain

More Than 150 Killed in Spain Plane Crash.

The deadliest plane crash in Spain in more than 20 years has taken the lives of at least 153 people and injured 19. As the Canary Islands-bound plane made its second attempt to take off from the Madrid airport, it careened off course, crashed in a nearby gully, and burst into flames. On a first take-off attempt, the pilot reported a mechanical problem and returned for repairs, delaying the flight by about an hour. A number of the crash survivors were flung into a nearby stream that protected them from more severe burns. An investigation will be launched in order to determine the cause of the terrible accident.

Source: In the News provided by The Free Dictionary.

With this post I want to show my condolences to the victims and their relatives of this terrible accident.

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