Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Well, it is time to have some fun with English. I hope that after this school year, you do NOT speak like that. Take good note and enjoy yourself!

If you want to watch more Gomaespuminglis videos, clik here.


Mª Carmen Salazar y Lourdes López said...

Hello Mª Isabel¡¡¡ We are Mª Carmen Salazar(4ºB)and Lourdes (4C).This video is very funny and cool. We have laughed with it.Your blog is very cool, but we hope that you put more things, and that you don't put only grammar and irregulars verbs jijiji¡¡¡

kisses for you¡¡¡

Marisa García said...

Hello girls! You will have many things in the blog, not only grammar, I promise. There is a link for more Gomaespuminglis videos in the post, they are really funny! But remember, don't speak English like that!