Thursday, 19 August 2010

My first marshmallow fondant cake!

I want to show you my first marshmallow fondant cake. Making the fondant is not difficult given that the ingredients are really easy to get, you just need marshmallows, powdered sugar and some water. You will also need some shortening (vegetable butter or grease) because the melted marshmallows are very sticky. For the different colours, you will use food coloring. And that's it!
This site ( contains a detailed explanation on how to make marshmallow fondant.
Finally, I want to thank my friend Alice for helping me with the decoration! She's an artist!


Satoshi said...

Nice decoration!

Was the cake taste good?

Marisa García said...

Thanks, Satoshi, it tasted good, it was made of chocolate and moka.

Thanks for your comment and your visit.