Thursday, 4 June 2009

How To Make Spanish Tortilla

I have just found a very interesting site: But what is this website about? I'll tell you, well, they'll tell you, this is their own description of the site:

"Whatever you want to get good at, Videojug can help. From cooking a curry or learning to dance to health, wealth, happiness and finding love. We’ve found the best advice out there and turned it into over 60,000 professionally-made video and article guides. We’ve also got a lot of great content made by our users, and still more from our many partner sites. Wherever you go on the site you’ll find a community of people just like you, with the same aims and interests, learning new things and sharing their skills and experiences. Getting good at life."

The following video shows how to make the delicious Spanish Tortilla. Follow the instructions and try and make one, you'll like it!

Breakfast: How To Make Spanish Tortilla


Clara y Cristina said...

Marisaa!! That does not forget our video of quarter to record ourselves please, that the whole world says that it was very nice and we got lost it. Good and that ultimately was worth it the theatre! Jaja.
Until Sunday that we go away to Paris! That entertained, we are all more nervous than yesterday for the theatre! Jaja.

Up to tomorrow!
We love you!
Clara and Cristina.

PD: Lo hemos hecho con el traductor, así que seguro que estarán mal algunas palabras, es que ya que hemos acabado el curso, entra mucha pereza, jaja

Marisa García said...

Hi girls! Don´t worry, I won't forget it. I'm glad people liked it. I hope you like it too.

I'm nervous for Paris, too.
Your performance at the play yesterday was great!!! Thanks for your effort.

See you tomorrow.
I love you too!!!

PD: I know you used the translator...